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Antique coins on this website can be bought through Daruma Inc., the member of International Association of Professional Numismatics (IAPN).

IAPN adopts strict code of ethics, that is, Daruma is one of the best numismatic firms for us to buy antique coins.

If you are interested in them, please fill in the inquiry form as follows. Daruma Inc. will return the email to you later.

1Please click the link below to access Daruma’s website.

2Please click the word “Inquiry” to open the inquiry form.

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3Please fill in the blanks. And click “confirmation” to confirm the entries.

Before clicking “confirmation” button, please mention this website,, in your inquiry. If you buy an antique coin from Daruma Inc., you will get a foreign coin added to that (not the same coin you buy). It’s a small present from us.

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4Finally, please click “send” to send your message.

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A list of precious antique coins

Heinrich Julius, Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel (Holy Roman Empire), reign: 1589-1613

【coin No】 7995
【denomination】 5 Taler
【grade】Tone EF+
【price】JPY 5,400,000(tax included)

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Pius VI, Italy Papal States, Bologna

【coin No】 7973
【denomination】10 Zecchini

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Louis Bonaparte, Kingdom of Holland, Netherlands, reign: 1806-1810

【coin No】 7372
【denomination】2-1/2 Golden
【grade】toned UNC


Tiberius, Roman Empire, reign: AD14-37

【coin No】 7904


Tiberius, Roman Empire, reign: AD155-156

【coin No】 7903

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